One Board At A Time... Reading The Timber Like A Book! Old Dead Wood Tells A Story For Generations To Come. Enjoy The Natural Beauty Within Each Board Foot!!! Call Today For More Information. 



At Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc. Each board tells a story! The way the world was, many generations ago and in many generations to come. Our trees are the givers of life! And If only one would Take the time to stop for A moment, and look and listen to nature, one can feel their great power. The whole idea of a sustainable natural products movement, is to not waste our Natural Resources given to us by God. the Great Power Of Nature is Testimony of our beautiful  Universe. This is the only Planet we have to work with and to sustain us as a people. Were left to our own destiny in the broad scope of things; of which were running short on time in the big picture, if we're not careful, It is not Without much thought, that at this time without the recovery of reusable materials... the destruction of the planet's forests could get much worse. Reclaiming Dead and dying trees and other reusable lumber from old buildings is the basis of my life's work... and every new Day that Comes are newfound hopes that resurrecting old wood is for the best; a Good mission, very responsible all the way around.

What A Wonderful Thing It Is To Bring Old Wood Back To Life...

Dead Wood Becomes Alive Again as a Tabletop in the kitchen or a wall that shows off the splendor of the nature only real wood can share with us. Flooring, Bar tops, Trim, and many other uses come about by the rebirth of wood in the home.

The Heart Of The Matter!!!

Without Wood, this wouldn't be a planet worth living on! Besides that; looking back into our history and one sees that wood always had a big role in the development of mankind's life here on Earth. So Enjoy wood and treat it as part of the family! Love it and it will give back great service for generations to come. Contact me to find out more about what's going on at Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc.   





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