Life After Death Of A Tree

I got a hold of them Old Hemlock Planks and pulled each one free from their pegs that held them fast to the big hand hewn sleeper logs under them, It was as good as diging for gold to me, and the hard work was doing good to my soul. Never had much time in my life for play, was alway's working away at some thing or another... Got going hard at the wood business back in the early 1970's around bout 1975 worked full time in My Pap's steam power saw mill and the love wood grew stong in me. As the years past by my part in the lumber industry grew here in Pennsylvania and as a young man in a business surounded by old log and lumber men, I made my way up the tree trunk so to speak... Early in the 1980's My hard work payed off big and was selling Veneer logs to the Danzer Company In Germany, exporting logs to them. As the time past, I felt the hunger for more saw dust and bought an old frick saw mill complete and in runing condition near Benton, PA. Well I ran that for a while and found out that trying to do to many things at once didn't work out well, however it was an adventure to say the least! Between cutting wood and hunting and fishing I had little time left to do much else. Then as the years flew by and the up's and downs came and went; it was clear to me that some of the ideas about old barn wood and big dead trees gave way to me trying to work with those products and I've never been the same since! Got the Old Wood sickness... Love the stuff to death, so I formed Dead Wood Lumber Company and been making a go at it now for some years, and seem to have come up with some more inovative way's to doctor up the old wood and make it look real fancy. Hope you give me a call, so as I can talk a spell with you about wood and how you was fixing to use it around your place? 

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