Hello To Everyone Reading This,

Let me say in advance of your reading onward. All the words in the saga ahead depict real-life events, that I have lived to tell by way of dependence of a alter ego Factor that faced great danger over 45 years as a woodman. As shall be told in detail in the passages ahead that are if you can still take the time to read on quite true indeed. of which in that case. One could possibly grasp what is written about me. Also too; maybe then relate to something in the story themselves.

 The True Tale Of A Timberman; "That's what I was, and still part Am." my life has been pretty much all about the trees in the forest, that I have lived by... and lived for! my whole life long I spent the time to understand all that was to be known about the forest... Ever since I was a very young Boy My life has been one exciting event after another in the great forests of not only North America; but also Central America, and European Forests, of Germany, Austria, Italy, and France.   The Great Cedars of Lebanon The great woods of old! as if Really living In the stories of my  Holy Bible. Of which inspired my future as a woodsman Building my future. From great honorable past Of woodsmen.

 So Then Feast on my words, digest them and afterward you may, or may not? Believe anything I wrote about my life, or about any of the great timbermen herein told about. And not just the wild Lifestyle I once lived. The story is not just about me. The story is about almost all Timber cutting men. Lumbermen for the most part are just about the roughest type of hard-working men There're. about all timbermen of such a nature, not just me. nor by Chance the others that grew to be inside of me. those Others you will hear about, as you read on in the story; and when you have read about all of them; that is me! then you can judge for yourself about my life as a timberman. I will be truly free then... by way of my words being consumed by you. and them taking their shape of me in each of your thoughts. which whence time they shall revile the completeness of the saga of a very eccentric fellow that at times was most certainly a mad man too!

However, And to the point... Nevertheless; Quite

A lover at times, A Friendly Fellow too; to some. But, certainly, A Foe to others if need be. A true artist at heart, but however! Bye far, and still; all and all... a Great Timberman... logger, sawyer, Inventor... Musician' and novice Writer. "And at a moment's notice," A Pious Saint' Or A Devil too! But just about Most of the time, A Simple godly Man; yet Sadly Mistaken by many, much of the time. Also by himself too... in his own mind, about quite a few things? So what you could find in the Story; in the wording. is that there is a funny guy hiding in his hard-working loneliness, but, also he is quite debonair. looking in the Mirrors inside his mind. likening himself to Don Quixote at times... Other times, Edger Allen Poe; Nevertheless! "As foolish and reckless as any other Human can be At Times. Really The man I am writing about is for the most part, just like any other sort of Human being. as seemingly most of Humanity is at times, and maybe even very weird too. as is many a timberman in the World are even Weirder yet! And let's not forget these woodcutters can be, and most are Dangerously Insane wielding axes, and Chainsaws.

 So Readers, read on... Read About the last of a dying breed of Men! Read on about... "the wild PA. Mountain Man's Workings." 

A superhuman Timber Cutter in his day. "A day-long-gone- now." A time That the trees even spread the news across the mountain's forests of his on sought for the biggest and best of the tall timbers... Even the trees themselves told tales of his feared Awesomeness in Wielding his Fearsome buzzing Chainsaw, felling their brothers and sisters alike across miles and miles of forest lands. But on the other hand, he too was said to have done the same savage undertaking with his canvas, paints, and brushes in Italy at least in one brief moment of time as an Artist.

A Man For All Seasons

 in his life using his chainsaw and his Paint Brushes he traveled the world. Going around in the world at an almost impossible speed~~~A Whirling Dervish Of A Man... Flying High like a Free bird. A man whose onus Plagued His life from stump to trunk, and bending him limb to limb; however, always and forever implicitly coloring in the canvas of his own life, the way he saw the world to be. "And He did it all his way. "and that he did it At all was by his own hard-Work. His Regrets, of but few! his Suffering lost Love... Each and every one! He thanked his God all the times he Didn't get killed but still was badly Maimed. and as he aged he was Defamed! as he lived much; much more, than most Men ever live like him... Those men that live as they do, those men that never play by the rules! And he too like those other few men before him, That have outlived their reason to live... They live on still! Somehow they live larger than life again...  Bye and bye each and every Every Minute, each and every mile of the way they can drive on, doing everything their own way. But Then reality never lies! and says life is hard... for most people harder still! yet not for the timbermen, or the other men like who I am. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, or George S. Patton...   We did it all as we would dare, even in the face of death! "We did it our way." that which by are living, and our death! makes the world a better place for those that choose to live the lives they live.  I faced death's door more than a time or two, and I survived each time getting stronger along the way, But no matter what anyone says about anything; nobody ever does it all by Themselves! well at least that's the way I feel, Because I know it was God that really helped me all the way. along the Highway's and the Byway's... onto the deep mountain logging roads, that so often are dead-end-road. Nevertheless, there was always An Angel riding Shot Gun to protect me along my way.  

Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc.

Historical Inspiration: "Concepts For the 21st Century"

 By Visionary Outsider Artist And Well Known World Wide Lumber And Veneer Authority. From His Humble Hard Working Pennsylvania Dutch Beginnings To His Rise Up Into A Moment In His Life Of great Consequence  Companies Founder

Michael J. Mazy

 Recovery Of Dead And Dying Trees; Myself, And Old Abandon Buildings lost in time.

I'm am Retired now, Disabled due to a Severe logging accident on March 4th, 2013 I was busy at the work of cutting up storm Damaged trees harvesting timber/salvaging what seemed to be an Ocean full of wood.  Felling a Tree... timber! and I was crushed Down to the rocky forest floor in a twisted pile. Over in; The North Western New Jerseys: Harvesting/salvaging in an area of devastating Hurricane Sandy impact on the Forest.  

Well, How to Explain to you at this time or any time? And what for anyway? Well then maybe, just maybe some of you reading this will get the picture... or soon thereafter! the would-be Lumberjacks and the Likes' Henceforth understand...  that which Doesn't kill you out-right; is most Definitely incompressible To Most people. "unless you are the one that lived through it." too! too; Living in the house of pain, inside the horror Chamber of my beat-up body and Mind; As is my reality. I Fringe live: known now as altered reality from Brain Trauma/coma! Think about what I'm about to say to you?... WOW, I just met the young guy I was before I/he died in that car accident. So like now I find out who I am.  And this man I now have, telling me, he's me... Crazy; no it's Real... Absolutely true!  I have had to take the pain for this other dude, that like now says he wants his body back? Well, I say; look you're lucky I even took up living in your body at all. Because Dude it has been like hell Since 1971

 And can you imagine meeting the real person you are After 50 years?

I haven't the Word's, nor do I understand myself that this is Happening; that is... to who I have been all these years. Anyone Else's body'; if at any other time; i would have  in Length! Or breadth of such time being the Origin of what it is that one is at all... in Other words! The dawn of life's Essences as newly formed by the Creators Compassionately lived experience in the void of its own Machination's... that all the while Seeking itself escape from the pain of it Ora it's own conception in the Foundational reciprocity to find the solace living in Unimaginable pains faced, so much so; you die. Only to be Suddenly Discharged and through a long dark misty tunnel walk back into the pain that was why my death was so very Consequential act of free choice. And to come to life again now? What For? alive again only to suffer that torching flame that is Constantly roasting me alive... I beg, and I beg you God will you please take away the neverending; most unbearable insane life of pain I live?

In the dead corner of my mind is the only place That gives me peace. to shut off that which is Unbearable dead is required. dead in the Senses; dead; so as to be free of a real cognitive Portrayals of Anything realistic. I'm Talking about pain so Fucking You hardly can live. An Angel Throws me a little bit of lifeline to live out the Tidal Waves of my miserable; Literally maddening Fucking Pain!

God Damn Shot Me in the Fucking brainpan.

 is like to endure mind Shattering Painfulness' which cannot Emphasize enough what the Hellish feeling begins to be understood from broken, and fractured bones. dislocated hip... that was so badly cracked it had to be sawn off and completely replaced and being damaged; as the hip was riped out of Socket my pelvis was cracked in three places.  the hip had to be Completely replaced and on the complete left knee. by way of my legs Placement as I was escaping the danger zone created by my felling timber in what was some of the worse Storm Damage my crew and I had ever worked in as logging Contractors and Highly experienced in the overall conditions that are present in almost any forested area completely devastated; by a tornado or a hurricane Etc. Hurricane Sandy Devastated an area of inland  New Jersey that was still quite Densely covered with large valuable Hardwoods in the northwest tri-state area timberlands. An area that was well known to me. and since at one time, my logging and lumbering Operations expanded into That region, buying Ash Veneer logs from a sawmill operation near Washington, New Jersey. a Great opportunity Came up for me to work with a major land clearing Contractor; in their process to remove Basically; the entire Forest there at the dam site. all of the standing timber had to be clear cut. the reason they Contacted me was to ask if I would be interested in buying all the logs their chipper Couldn't handle. These large diameters of the timber there made it impossible to run through their massive whole tree chippers. The logs over 20" diameter had been cut from their Trunk's, piled up in long rows as high as the log loaders could.

So I Had to join the Teamsters Union to haul the logs I was buying.

And that leads me at the time into further removal of logs off of the right of way interstate highway construction oakland, NJ. the new I 287 Expressway extensions.  

Mazy Logging and lumber Company hauled most of the logs of any value away from the Merrill Creek Dam construction site over the period 1986-87 

We salvaged over 3.5 million board feet of some of the best large Sawlog and veneer Logs to be found In Northern Jerseys Woodlands that are covering the Forested  Hillside's risin up gradually into the Timberlands of the north western New Jerseys Counties that Border along the Delaware river. I also purcashed mature Trees in many other Tracts of timber, or bought logs from other loggers. At one time, and in my hay day, Exporting Veneer logs to Italy... from 1983 till 1988 of which we produced for our customers some of the best white Ash in the World. An abundant supply of excellent quality Tulip Poplar was also very much in demand to my customer in northern itay. Good Timber could be found in abundance in patches of woods, both in small and large Parcel's of Desirable trees. all along the rolling Hilly forested Terrain, through vallies, and boardering the old Farming Landscape of new Jersey. Beautifully forested Landscape Meander's Along a high ridge line, with many Breath-taking vistas north to port jervis, New york State... Whereas The confluence of the Delaware river flows on to the Atlantic Ocean...  as It's the major waterway of the Atlantic slope. the skylands, and also Private forestlands above the  Embankments'  along the ridge line that heads North bordering the Delaware Rivers Eastern bank, Separating new Jersey, from Pennsylvania on the west side bank of the Delaware, river into the North West parts 0f New Jersey Woodlands. 

Merrill, Creek Dam Project was formed Where a dense mature forest once stood.  that forest covered many hundreds of acres on the ridge overlooking the Delaware River the Great Merrill creek reservoir project Harmony Township, warren county, New Jersey Always was known to have available, some of the best white ash trees growing.

I have such a passion to pass on what Experiences I had over all my life as a logger and lumber man. My body has Been damaged, so many times over 40+ Years; either by None timber harvesting Accidents'or by demolition salvage operations reclaiming Barns etc. My logging Accidents have caused me to live a much Different now. I have a Difficult time walking any length of time, but it would be my pleasure to meet you, and I would be more than happy to consult Free of Charge with property Owners of Forested land, in consideration of Timber value, etc. also I can evaluate the value with owners of abandoned vernacular architecture, and other types of primitive outbuildings in considering the real historical value, etc.

 Call me if you would like to know more details about the process of Harvesting your mature living Walnut, White Oak trees or, the Dead And Dying trees for timber salvage. Speak to me about the proper process of Reclaiming your Old Abandon Barn, Log Cabin, or other primitive structures of the 18th, 19th & early 20th Centuries


Cell: 814-577-9587

Picture Of My Partner Above: A WW2 Hero Rueben Albertson God Rest His Soul

In My hay day in the logging & lumber Business.

as Owner-operator of Mazy Logging And lumber company. 

Logging and Sawmill

Veneer Log Exporter

Producer Of Fine Hardwoods and Softwoods 


international and domestic sales consultant and export agent

Free-agent & Procurement agent of Indiana Veneers Corp.   


sliced Veneer, Veneer logs & lumber

Germany, Italy, South Korea, and japan

Hiatus From Involvement in the lumber and veneer Industries'

In the Capacity of an Agent/Consultant... In that previous  Correlated and ongoing Commitment's, changed drastically in both supplies and Demands

In the Advent Of 21st Century By then

quality and size of logs were becoming harder to find.

from the standpoint of my status as a veneer and lumberman, etc. there was no question that by this time, I've had arrived at the plateau in the full duties of my field of work and business.   1976 to 1996 after 20 years of Working in pretty much all facets of the hands-on hard work logging, lumber, and veneer.   

beginning with early training by my great Grandfather K. J. Fisher, Monroe Moser, And later Reuben Albertson... My friend, a Timberman/farmer, logger. That supplied sawlogs to my first Sawmill operation in Huntington Mills, PA. He also was a Partner Often for many years in veneer log sales from his yard in Orangeville, PA. Reuben Albertson was a Living Legend! As he was a hero of the 2nd World War... a highly Decorated veteran. Rueben Albertson served under General George s. Patton's 3rd army  He Treated me like part of his family. Some of my best memories of the life I've lived  are the Reflections of the work and business we accomplished, and I miss him 

Art... Music... Women, and Adventure in the jungle of Central riding a Harley As a tour Guide In Mexico.    


Domestically and internationally.



operation and millworks, also, International exporter of Premium Quality Hardwoods Woods Directly supplying lumber and veneer logs to customers, over A Span Of Four Decades, I Myself or By Employing Groups Of Men/Crews', of which Worked Many Different Jobs In The Latter Structuring Of My Businesses, before my Severe logging accident, that would end most of my business. 

Without myself at the Helms, and able to help do a lot of the production by my ongoing hands-on work too. I would fail.    

 That Revoled Around The use Of Wood.

Logging, Sawmilling, Firewood, Reclamation Of Old Wooden Structures, And Old House And Barn Restorations.

I Love To Work! And There is Nothing Better Than Work To Keep Our Spirits High. I Grew Up In A Pennsylvania, Dutch Family Settings. Most of the Time English Was A Second Language Working In The Barns Taking Care Of Animals... Horses For The Main Part On The Little Patch Were I Grew Up. I Owe My Entire Lifes Inspirational Constitution Of The Disciplines Of "Arbeit," Work To Those Good Old Hard Working Dutchmen I was Always Around. I Could Go On And On Telling Work Stories, But I Will Condense Things To Few Things... I Have Lived Large, Loved Wood More Than Anything Else In the World Excepting My God And The Creator Of All Those Trees That Have Provided Me A Wonderful Good Life... Living, Logging & Lumbering And Love Of Nature. How All This Love Of Wood Started Is Easy To Explain I Was born with sawdust in my blood. My Great Grandfather... K.J. Fisher Owned and operated by the rule of Absolutes That No one could escape his domination over those that worked in his self-made empire of grand proportions in his eyes and mind; My Great grandfather K.J. Fisher Was The Last Real To Life Lumber Barron Of Pennsylvania. The Little Village Of Harlem Pennsylvania thrived For over 70 years as a major supplier to the great American wood Industries. K.J.Fisher Logging And Lumber Company's Sawmill, Planingmill, And Birch Oil factory/Birchwood Lumber log sawmill, and The massive Tumbler that rotated at quite an aggressive speed.

 welded inside the huge steel barrel, that was cone-shaped in the front of the tumbler; inside there were Staggering rows of large sharp metal teeth/spikes that had A very sharp edge. They then peeled off the bark of the Birchwood Tree Limbs. The job of the limb cutter was very hard work, they had to cut the limbs going back to the big bucksaw in front of the tumbler in 6' to 8' poles with a small end of about 3;" the rest of branches, twigs, etc, etc. was snatched up by the brusher men as they then supplied the woods chipper crew on the landing. when k.j. fisher was finished a birch job... the entire forest was gone. I spent a lot of time growing up working with my great grandfather in his machine shop and saw Shops... Chainsaw and his Big sawmill Circle saw hammering room, which was on the second floor right above the head saws; that sawed his lumber production. My Great Pappy Was a man like no other man I've ever met again in all my years too. And I was the only one of His Great Grand Children he had a liking to, and that was because I took such a great interest in him, working with him every chance I got. My great Grandfather only was schooled to the 4th-grade, but he could calculate all the mathematics to build the immense industrial complex there situated on his 23 Acre site. He was a sort of Genius in a way... however, in other ways, he was a Hexer! And a man to fear. Very rarely did he speak English, nor was he always nice to me, no matter how hard I worked or tried to please him! His mean streak was terrible long. And one evening stripping copper which was one of my evening's jobs. out of the silence, he roared at me saying he wanted to have cut all the forest he could flat to the ground as fast as Possibly he could... so no one else would get a stick of wood From Schuylkill county to Philadelphia. He Was a scarey looking Man too, but I looked past that and learned from him. He did allmost all the repair needed to keep his empire rolling. Made parts himself with the metal lath in the machine shop that was, well to say the least gigantic! the thing Weighed near 12ton and had a length of bed 16', the headstock was enormous... as I remember the diameter was near 36" in the years that past, as I was growing into my own manhood. My great grandfather was to buid a new machine shop, and he did, of Course I was right in there with the crew working as hard as ever, and we moved that 12ton Giant Lathe out of the old machine shop; where it had to be taken out of it's own room, and mind you! moved by hand we did out to where the Behemoth Taylor Fork Truck Could pick it up and take it to it's new home. Well then That's enough right now about my part in the workings of what kind of things was going on in my great grand pappy Old Man fishers world.

  so then those poles/limbs, and other Piece of birchwood; that Didn't make it to be big enough for the Birch Sawmill to saw boards out of... which the sawyer needed about 12" diameter log and up! to get anything worthwhile for lumber out of. everything up to 6" or so got pitched in the tumbler, the rest of the Bigger rounds got split in Half; most time with an axe. the hydrolic Splitter took care of the rest of the big chunks. well then it just Ain't like you can load up the tumbler and pray so as  that all of them rounds get all the bark knocked off easy... the guy running it got to start and stop, spin it awhile one way, then the other way, and so on, back enforth. the worse part of the job is crawling around in there stumbling over firewood, that is scatered in humped up bunches some stuck to the Razor Sharpe spikes, and the man working in there trips and falls, and the he gets some skin knocked off... and i too was in there at about 10 year old helping pick out the peeled Birch Firewood loading pickup trucks at a cost of $16.75 a full rounded bed. I got .50 cents for a few hours of that work. all the bark we then sent down to the vats/cooker to be added to the hunedreds and hundreds of Gallons of the powerful good smelling Birch Stew we called it. My great grandfather produced so much birch oil after World War 2 that he Flooded the market. However, in the hay day of supplying the war effort and before the artificial flavoring got going strong in the Industry's that used Birch Oil.  K.J. Fisher Was also known in high places as The Birch oil king... nevertheless, There was his compitition In Barto, PA. But how it works with the Dutchmen is they nose poke around and about each others goings on, and they like the heated battles the fought between Themselves in the Birch oil war of berks, county Pennsylvania.   

 all but a few big stands of the black birch, sweet birch, and some other birches still remain in Berks County Pennsylvania. the birch oil war was real... i know; because i too, for a dollar a day more... I went along as a fast wood picker with kemp'y... the  half breed birch wood bandit of Little Korea, out the other side of pikeville.  Once the loads to cook oil out of and sell the lumber and firewood out of the birchwood trees was gone. then the birchwood forests being clear cut by... "the Bush Gang's," as they were called, back in those day's would have a rest, and just maybe time to grow back. Yes they were very tuff men indeed! to the bitter end the wielded chainsaws into the dead of night, wood pickers a picking in the moon light. with steam-powered long gone, Harlem, PA. is dead! And I alone Seem to be left alive to tell the Story Of the Last Lumber Barron... The Birch Oil King. I His great grand son am left with the Dutchman Wood Cutter that Ravaged the Forests Once upon a time, as it was also in part in my own lifetime         

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