Above: Is A; Circa 1933 Photograph Of Steam Powered Sawmilling & Lumbering Operation My Great Grandfather K.J.Fisher Owned & Operated... In The Village Of Harlem, Berks County Pennsylvania 

Below Is A White Oak Tree Harvested From Storm Damage 

Below is an assorted group of dead white oak logs harvested ready to be sawn into lumber and heavy timber frame stock for construction of Specific building project orders.

Finished Size timbers depicted below from the logs shown in above photo. 

Above Photo: is of Red, Black and white Oak veneer logs being loaded on our semi truck, then transported to the port of baltimore for finial destination; as then they will be loaded on a ship heading to germany... bought by the karl danzer veneer corporation. over a period of sum five years, fall & Winter 1982/83... Through Veneer season 1986/87... (Mazy Logging & Lumber company) dealt in sales of many millions of board feet of veneer & sawlog timbers and lumber harvested by It's logging and sawmill Operations in Pennsylvania; also well noted was the many thousands of cords of fire wood sold, either by long length, Delivered by "mazy's Own tri axel trucks," long fire wood poles that amounted to an average of seven cords of fire wood were hauled daily; and this besides all the other ongoing logging of, "Mazy lumbering operations." A crew also Processed fire wood to other ongoing customer Requirements. loades cut and split to orders for home heating use or Occasional family fire side gatherings etc. "mazy at one time in the past had over 350 steady wood burning clients... some being Industrialized meat smoking and Processing operations, that needed major amount of good hickory wood on Regular basis. 

The Proceeding photo is of a late 1700's log house in Schuykill County Pennsylvania. the late president Theodore Roosevelt Had stayed at the old Log house on Deer Hunting trips in the area it was said that then in later years it was called camp Roosevelt. I bought the structure and Disassemble it and relocated it for preservation. 

1825 Log House Berks County PA

Below: Are Tioga County Pennsylvania Farm Outbuilding's.

Below: Old Faded Red White Pine Barn Siding Recovery.

Below: The Old Sawmill Ripping Some Boards.

Central Pennsylvania Historic Log House Circa 1845

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